How to Start a Conversation on Tinder

by Tara Chandra

I recently learnt that Google search results for

‘How to start a conversation on Tinder’

has increased by over 5000% in the past 12 months in Australia. More people are struggling with conversation starters on dating apps than I thought.


But that’s where our Tinder Social Experiment comes into play!
We’re on a hunt to find which questions from Flex Factory’s Conversation Cards make the best dating app openers.

Tinder Social Experiment

The Questions

Flex Factory is a POC-owned, Gadigal Country/ Sydney start-up selling conversation card games and homewares. Their convo cards range from the classic drinking games including Would You Rather, and Never Have I Ever (they have an explicit version too) – to critically thinking questions, my favourites being Reflex #2, Reflex: Questions About Sex, and Reflex: Froomes Edition.

With a whole range of topics on life experiences, love, ethics, pop culture, sex, and hypothetical situations – Flex Factory has been a social game changer online and IRL for first dates, Friday work drinks, catch ups with the besties, and long term relationships.

Juicy questions to ask friends first dates boyfriend girlfriend

The Tinder Social Experiment

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been using various questions from the Flex Factory card games as pick-up lines on Tinder.

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Raya, Grindr, etc. – we just used Tinder.

As expected, we didn’t get responses from some people, others were just looking for a hook up – but the majority were open to have a chat.

There were a lot of one-line responses that led nowhere, but a response counts, right?! 

Funny tinder messages meme
Find this question in Reflex #1: Conversation Cards


And we had some genuinely great conversations with others:

unique tinder pick up lines
Find this question in Would You Rather

The Results

At the end of the day – the data tells all. Out of the 85 conversations we had on Tinder:
  • 17% of people explicitly said they thought the question was good (“That’s a good one” was said a lot)
  • 68% answered the question without asking the same question back
  • 22% answered the question and asked the same question back
  • The remainder missed the assignment completely. You can do the math.

Take what you will from that – but I’d say you don’t necessarily need Tinder platinum to win some hearts (or conversations).  

funny different tinder conversation starter

Find this question in Reflex: Tanya Hennessy Edition 

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