How to Say ‘Sorry’ Based on Astrology

by Tara Chandra

Did you know there are five Apology Languages?

Coined by Dr Gary Chapman & Jennifer Thomas – we explained what they were in our other post.
If you’ve read about the Apology Languages (you’ve spent hours reading your Café Astrology Birth Chart) and you’re still unsure about what your Apology Language is, don’t stress! This is the perfect example of how astrology helps us in our day-to-day lives. I’ve put together a guide based on your star sign to give you a kick-start on finding out.
BUT! Please take this with a grain of salt! This is highly presumptive and fun, but not a failsafe tool to help you get a deeper understanding of Apology Languages. Use your best judgement of how this may align with you.


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Apology Languages & Horoscopes

1. Expressing Regret

Virgo & Scorpio

When it comes to apology languages, Virgos and Scorpios need apologies that are calm, compassionate and straight to the point. Acknowledge, apologise, share your thoughts, and listen. They prefer a discussion rather than a heated argument – so be civil!

2. Accepting Responsibility

Leo & Libra

When apologising to Leos and Libras, your words are important. Libras are known to carry a grudge & Leos can have some attitude – so let’s avoid that!! Use direct and personal language to express your apology, whilst listening and showing support for them.

3. Making Restitution 

Aries, Taurus & Sagittarius

Tell them you love them. It’s okay to show more emotion in your apology. Aries, Taurus and Sagittarius’ need to hear intention and genuine care behind your words. They want to know why you did what you did, but also have a two-sided conversation. Make sure you listen and reciprocate!

4. Genuinely Repenting

Gemini & Aquarius

Geminis and Aquarius’ are less about words, and more about change. You can keep it short and sweet, but you need to let them know that you’re going to put effort in to avoid repeating the offence in the future, and play your part in mending the relationship. Be patient, meaningful, and remember to take action.

5. Requesting Forgiveness

Cancer, Capricorn & Pisces

Cancers, Capricorns and Pisces are loyal, and they want to receive your loyalty back. After giving them time and space to process, showing your support for them is key. Be firm, honest and serious to get your point across meaningfully.

Now that you know how your star sign aligns with Apology Languages – assess, digest and apologise to your loved ones in the right way!!

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