• Flex's Chicken Salt

Flex's Chicken Salt

  • $12.95

After weeks of investing my time, money and energy to track down THE yellow grainy goodness that is Australia's chicken salt – I present to you Flex's (repackaged) version.

It's simply KrioKrush Flavon Chicken Salt a cute spice jar, ready and waiting for you to season your foods with. Don't sue us.

Vegetarian-friendly, gluten-free and halal certified. 100mL

ReFlex Testimonials

  • "I wasn't kidding when I said I carry them in my handbag!"
    - @anjie.n
  • ''We are so baffled because some of the questions are so open-ended and there are so many ways of interpreting the cards each time we play! Congrats on breaking our brains but also enlightening them!''
    - @libeeerty
  • "Me and my friends played ReFlex tonight and absolutely loved it! Such a sick idea and had some incredible conversations from it x Thank you for that, our new favourite!"
    - @andremccarthyy
  • "I wasn't always encouraged to ask WHY while growing up. So for most part I just accepted what I was taught without question. So it's been really exciting to answer these questions on ReFlex and then ask myself why. I'd 100% recommend ReFlex to anyone who wants to get to know themselves. Also, it helps cut through small talk and meaningless conversations. I love it!"
    - @elizabethusen
  • "Played the game with my dad today and he loved it, kept asking me to send through the details of the game so he could buy it. Little does he know he will be getting it for Christmas!"
    - @libaaaby
  • "After dissecting the question of what true happiness is, I genuinely feel like I experienced it this afternoon in the midst of this deck and the discussion it brought. Thank you for delivering the means to delve deeper into critical thinking"
    - Anon
  • "ReFlex took our dinner party to a whole other level last night! It's a tool that will bring myself and my girls closer together and closer to ourselves. Thanks so much for making us more self-aware bitches!"
    - Anon
  • "I played ReFlex with my friends and one of the guys was so impressed with how thought provoking it was that he went straight home and ordered a pack... making !! a !! diference !!"
    - @georgiiagraay
  • "So excited to dive into it. All potential baes will now be required to challenge their thinking with this game before any further time of mine is wasted."
    - @quianasp