How To Have Better Convos (*juicier, raunchier, funnier & deeper)

Dating Apps
Dating app conversation starters for all your flirting needs. 

How to Start a Conversation on Tinder

Dating Apps
Pick up lines on datings apps can be rough. That's why we're on the hunt to find the best conversation starter from the Flex Factory conversation cards range. Trust me, this one's fun.

How to Say ‘Sorry’ Based on Astrology

Accepting Responsibility

How does your star sign impact the way you apologise? Understand the 5 Apology Languages and use this guide to figure it out!

5 Apology Languages Explained

5 Apology Languages Explained

Sometimes ‘Sorry’ doesn't cut it. Let's talk Apology Languages - their origins, what each Apology Language means, and examples of how to apologise based on your Apology Language. 

Is It Ethical To Own Pets?

It's time to dig deep and answer the questions that get you sweaty.

What Is Emotional Intelligence? And Why You Need It.

Flexing a high IQ is awesome but have you considered that your EQ needs some fine tuning as well?

3 (Very Good) Tips To Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

A good critical thinker knows that their subjective experiences are valid and real, but also appreciates how objectivity can help build a clarity and understanding by considering all possible perspectives.