How To Have Better Convos (*juicier, raunchier, funnier & deeper)

by Tara Chandra

Let’s be honest, dating apps can be reeeeaaaallll dry when the conversation is lame. BUT, did you know, Flex Factory has a conversation card game for almost every Tinder (Bumble, Hinge, Raya, Grindr – you get the idea) scenario you dream of having?

Whether you’re looking for a juicy, raunchy, sexy, funny, light-hearted, or deeper convo, Flex Factory has questions for all your flirting needs. 

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Flex Factory is a POC-owned, Gadigal Country/ Sydney start-up selling conversation card games and homewares. Their convo cards range from the classic drinking games including Would You Rather, and Never Have I Ever (they have an explicit version too) – to critically thinking questions, such as Reflex #2, Reflex: Questions About Sex, and Reflex: Froomes Edition. With a whole range of topics on life experiences, love, ethics, pop culture, sex, and hypothetical situations – Flex Factory has been a social game changer online and IRL for first dates, Friday work drinks, catch ups with the besties, and long term relationships.
Let’s jump into a single’s guide to picking the right Flex Factory conversation card game so you can also pick up the right person. (You could say I’m match-making you to our cards. I am.)

Hilarious & Interesting Convos

1. Juicy Secrets & Confessions

Never Have I Ever

Get ready to share your little (or big) secrets with a stranger. This is a classic that doubles as a great drinking/ party game. You’ll probably be able to film a TikTok storytime video after this one.
Never Have I Ever dating app pick up line

2. Fun Moral Dilemmas 

Reflex: Froomes Edition

This is for those comedic and light-hearted pick-up lines. If your deal breaker is knowing their opinion on which fast-food chain has the best French fries – Reflex: Froomes Edition is 10000% for you.

3. Hypothetical Scenarios

Would You Rather

A pack of perfect pick-up lines. Two options, one answer, and maybe space for a reason why. Some of these are make or break scenarios – choose your pick-up line wisely. You’ll 100% have a fun chat with these questions.

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Deep, Meaningful (& Potentially Intense) Convos

1. Animal Ethics, Politics, Death, Philosophy, Psychology

Reflex: Joyride Edition OR Reflex: Bobo Matjila Edition

For when you’re ready to jump into the deep end and discover the inner workings of their mind, morals, and (very specific) opinions (on very specific topics). This is perfect for weening out the small talkers, and seeing where your ethics/ morals line up.

2. Love, Life, Careers, Purpose, Hobbies, Pop Culture

Reflex #2

If you’re looking to kick it off on a personal but interesting note – Reflex #2 is all about personal opinions on public topics, life experiences, and goals (or the lack thereof). This one is personally my fave for pick-up lines – the diversity, deep, yet humorous nature of this deck almost makes me miss dating apps. Almost.
Juicy Raunchy Sexy Questions for Dating Apps

Juicy Sex Convos

1. Raunchy and Playful Past/ Future Sex Encounters

Never Have I Ever Explicit

Juicy, raunchy and sexual questions at your fingertips. A lot about sex, and a lot about other stuff too (think: alcohol, drugs and illegal activities). If you’re looking for sex, and a fun convo, you know where to go. 

2. Open, Insightful & Educational Sex Discussions

Questions About Sex

Pick-up lines for when you want to jump straight into sex-talk, and even better – for understanding each other's thoughts on sex, new (sex-related) experiences, and potentially leading to sex.

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