Which ReFlex should I buy?

by Grace Taotua

We think you should buy all of them, but we are clearly biased and we also realise that not everyone has that kind of money right now. 

So here’s a short, sweet and playful description of each ReFlex game that we offer. Take it with a grain of salt. 


ReFlex #1

This is the first game we ever released. The questions are made for you to “dig deep”, get serious and really explore what you believe. And why you believe it.

Great for people who like thinking and are bored of gossiping about people from high school. Suitable for all ages.


ReFlex #2

The second game we ever released. These questions are similar to the first game, but probably more easy going and “loose”.

Good for people who want to think deep but don’t want an existential crisis. Suitable for 18+ because we have some questions about sex, drugs and alcohol.


ReFlex: Froomes Expansion Pack

A collaboration with comedian Lucinda Froomes Price. The questions are super fun, lighthearted and comedic. Lots of pop culture references.

The kind of questions you’d want to be asked on a first date. Unique, surprising and delightful.


ReFlex: Joyride Expansion Pack

A collaboration with performer and musician Joyride. This game is 50% shower thoughts and moral dilemmas, and the other 50% is questions about lifestyle, politics and being a better person.

Perfect for people who want to talk about smart stuff, fun stuff and dumb stuff. 


ReFlex: Bobo Expansion Pack 

A collaboration with podcaster and philosopher Bobo Matjila. This is the game you need if you want to spiral and have an existential crisis.

These questions require you to think A LOT. Themes include veganism, ethics, morality and suicide. 

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