Which ReFlex Conversation Card Game Should I Buy?

by Grace Taotua

The question we get asked on a daily basis. It's extremely reasonable and difficult to explain in 25 words or less, so enjoy this blog post. Written with love.

The easiest way for you to know which deck is perfect for you is to understand why Flex designed each one.



Also known as the game in the pink box and the first one we launched on May 3, 2018. We released a number of small quantities that sold out within hours every time and we've been bragging ever since.

To clarify, ReFlex is a conversation card that encourages critical thinking. The point is to dig deep, be introspective and assess WHY you think the way you do. Unlocking this will give you greater insight into how to understand yourself and others.

The objective of the game is to aid you in HOW to actually critically think. The questions are purposely direct, analytical and interrogative. The aim is not for it to be just fun, but to help you build skills in objective thinking (for a subjective benefit), self-evaluation and awareness.

Flex views this game as being FOUNDATIONAL & EDUCATIONAL. The necessary first step, especially for those who are new to this way of thought.



Previously known as the Party edition (that name didn't stick oops) and also referred to as the game in the blue box.

Flex views this version as the INTEGRATIONAL deck, the one that reminds you that critical thinking doesn't have to be interrogative or deep to be effective. The best way to harness the skill (in our opinion) is to use it in a fun, accessible and covert way.

The questions in this deck (on face value) seem fun and jovial in comparison to the first deck, but don't get it twisted – the point is still analysis. 

If you are playing the game with someone who doesn't understand that the aim is introspection, then it could move unnecessarily quickly. Take your time. Think! Hard!

Warning: this deck features questions about alcohol, drugs and sex.



Option 1: buy ReFlex 1 to learn how to critically think and the second to APPLY the skill.

Option 2: buy both ReFlex 1 and ReFlex 2 and make up your own rules.

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  • Hi!

    I also want to purchase the second card deck. Can you please notify me when they are back in stock and is there a discount for buying both?

    I just ordered/purchased the first deck!
    Want to play this one with a guy I’ve only known for 6 weeks (met just before lockdown – how lucky!) is this an appropriate game for that sort of new dynamic?!

    Hope you had fun reading my questions!

    Thanks – Liv x

    Olivia -

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