One Way To Play ‘ReFlex’ Conversation Card Game Properly

by Grace Taotua

We hate to be the people who stifle your autonomy by telling you HOW to play, but we think this will help you. Also, we'll give you an example on how to analyse the question.

Take it with a grain of salt, or not.

STEP ONE: Pick a card at random. Answer the question quickly, honestly and on reflex (see what we did there).

STEP TWO: Analyse WHY you've answered the way you have. Take your time and dig deep.

STEP THREE: Interrogate what has informed this opinion? Did you adopt it from close friends and family? Has social media or pop culture influenced you? Have you ever thought about this at length?

STEP FOUR: Read the question again and pick it apart. What is the phrasing suggesting? Is there a way to answer the question more objectively or with a different perspective?


Using the card above, think about a few things:

  • Why do you think this was the worst piece of advice?
  • Because it was ineffective or didn't align with your agenda?
  • Because you couldn't interpret it in a positive way?
  • Because the outcome of trying that advice wasn't favourable?
  • Think about if the advice could ever be interpreted as "good" advice? What would that take?
  • Assess your expectation of how advice should benefit you for it to be considered good or bad.


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