Why Are People Loving ReFlex During Covid-19?

by Grace Taotua

Despite it feeling like months, we’re only weeks into a national lockdown that’s forced us all into an unexpected period of extended isolation thanks to COVID-19. A cursory scroll through our newsfeed tells us that on the spectrum of dealing with this crisis, people are either on the verge of a complete spiral, or they’re confronting Aunty Rona head on by finding creative ways to pass the time while in quarantine.



With little to do but sit with your own thoughts, consume all the emergency snacks you’ve bought for quarantine in the first day, and immerse yourself in a never-ending stream of Corona-related news, it’s easy to feel like the world is caving in. Plans have been cancelled, family gatherings, birthdays, anniversaries and date nights have all been indefinitely postponed, and we’re now working through a new era of virtual bonding. There’s never been a time more suited to getting comfortable with your thoughts and re-evaluating some long-held desires, beliefs and needs with a fresh perspective. ​ReFlex the Game​ is here to spice up those long iso days and facilitate some challenging but necessary self-reflection.

As a game that was created to encourage critical thinking and spark provocative conversations, naturally, ReFlex is having a moment. All over the world, people are prepping cheese boards, pouring a glass of vino and video-calling their best mates and relatives, or squeezing into their share house living rooms for some Flex-assisted introspection, and we absolutely love to see it.



One user explained that playing ReFlex in iso keeps her, “thinking about the bigger picture rather than fixating on the current chaos.” With questions like ‘What’s one thing you haven’t done that you really want to do? What’s holding you back?’ in the mix of cards, some can be more poignant now than ever before. Users are looking to ReFlex to spice up their work team Zoom meetings, better understand their S/Os, stay connected with family, and even screen potential partners on their first virtual tinder dates. 

Without all the face-to-face fodder, and with almost everyone’s curricular activities dried up, there’s very little that can distract you from these sometimes challenging questions. ReFlex is helping people look at their friends and family in a whole new way, and it’s even drawing attention to the boxes we sometimes shove people into in our minds.

At a time when we’re being forced to physically distance, ReFlex is bringing people together in their romantic and platonic relationships and confronting them with anything from the hard-hitting existential questions to the comical. As a game that promotes personal growth and a flexible mindset, you might find yourself backflipping on answers you were sure about a few months ago – and that’s exactly the point: Answer on reflex, then dig deep and figure out why.


Written by Mariah Hanna

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