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  • A 10-page ebook with 5 helpful tips for more effective communication
  • A simple, beginner-friendly guide designed to be accessible and easy to understand
  • Note: this is not a physical book. This is a digital download. You will receive a PDF.
  • An excerpt below:
If you take anything from this book, the most important thing to remember is this. The key to having better conversations with literally anyone is to talk less and listen more.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't engage, or that you shouldn't speak when spoken to. It means you should take the time to appreciate that someone is sharing their perspective with you. Take it in! Listen! Learn something. Extract information and use it to build a better understanding of the person you're speaking to.
Your aim should be productive communication.
Ask yourself these things: What can I learn? What can I understand better? Is there any information I need to understand this person better?