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FAQ: Bobo Matjila's ReFlex Expansion Pack

FAQ: Bobo Matjila's ReFlex Expansion Pack

We've collaborated with philanthropist, free-thinker, and one half of the Bobo & Flex Podcast, Bobo Matjila on a new ReFlex Expansion Pack. Considering she's one of the internet's most loved non-influencer (and self-described village drunk) that never shies away from calling out capitalism, racism and straight up problematic ideologies – this meeting of minds was a complete no brainer.

Naturally, Bobo is here to help you challenge your own ideas on ethics and morality with her own ReFlex The Game expansion cards. Unpack deeply held beliefs, and don’t be afraid to disrupt the opinions of others with some thought-provoking conversation starters that are designed to make you dig deep. We caught up with Bobo to speak about her ReFlex collab, what’s shaped her own beliefs, and what we do and don’t owe people in the society we live in. 

You have many titles, but the one that seems to be most regularly used by others to define you is ‘influencer’. How do you feel about this label, and how would you describe yourself if you have to prescribe to a certain title?
I’m definitely not a fan of the ‘influencer’ label because it implies a certain allegiance to hyper-consumerism, and I’m trying to promote as little consumerism as possible honestly. If I had to prescribe to a certain title, I think it would be ‘village drunk,’ or maybe even ‘jellyfish.’ Because ultimately all I aspire to do is spend my days doing hoodrat shit with my friends, talking my shit, and thinking about my place in the universe lol. 

How have you used ReFlex in your own life? What made you want to get involved with your own question cards?
Yess! I’m obsessed with it!!! I played Reflex with my boyfriend once when we first started dating and it was such a good way for us to build intimacy and get to know the different parts of our brains we wouldn’t have the chance to explore if not for ReFlex. I LOVE spiralling and shattering people’s ideas of reality and what better way to do that than with REFLEX!!!

Is there a question in any ReFlex game that you don’t think you have an answer to? Do you change your answer each time, or dependant on the people you’re with? Why?
Yes! The question I struggle to answer is “would you rather be ignored or misunderstood?” It’s really hard to answer this question because being ignored and being misunderstood is essentially the same thing. Or at the very least it feels the same.

What’s your favourite ReFlex question that you’ve written? 
“Does freedom CREATE peace or DESTROY peace?”

Can you pinpoint any specific experiences that have shaped how you feel about morality and ethics?
I think my interest in morality/ethics peaked when I started battling depression, and contemplating questions of suicide, death etc., pushed me into a fascination with moral philosophy.

One of your questions in the ReFlex game asks, “does everyone have a moral obligation to try and make the world a ‘better’ place?” How would you answer this?
I think everyone has an obligation to make the world a better place, but it’s not a moral obligation. It’s an obligation for anyone looking for peace of mind. The idea of making the world a better place is unattainable and absurd, for the same reasons that being a good person is unattainable and absurd: because the question of whether we should put others first, or whether others should put us first will never lead to an answer that doesn’t cause suffering. BUT, striving to make the world a ‘better’ place is really the only way to live a meaningful life.

No one will ever succeed in making the world better. But we should still strive to make the world better - not because we actually expect it to get better, but because striving for improvement is the only thing that keeps us from killing ourselves. 

Do we have a duty to inform those who are intentionally ignorant? Do we owe it to ourselves, as participants in society, even if it comes at the cost of your own mental wellbeing and happiness?
If you’re interested in improving society, then yes you have a duty to inform those who are ignorant. But trying to inform people who are wilfully and/or intentionally ignorant is actually just an unpaid internship. We have a duty to inform those who don’t know any better, but we also have an equally important duty to protect our peace by accepting that most people don’t have the range to know any better, so leave them be!! 


You started your Instagram when you were in college, and you’ve said that before that you were anti-social media. What changed your mind? How do you feel about social media now?


Wow I think I’m still anti-social media, I’m just addicted now, so I can’t get off. But more than being addicted, I feel attached to social media by financial necessity unfortunately. I don’t particularly enjoy social media, and yet I’m on it all the time smh. I think, if you can live without attention then you should, but I’m not sure I can anymore. My dopamine receptors are fried!!!

Is it important to you to be remembered? If yes, how would you like to be remembered? If not, why do you remember others?


Hmm, I think, my ego would like to be remembered because the idea of no longer existing in people’s memories makes me feel insignificant and meaningless. But I AM insignificant and meaningless lol. And the larger part of me is sooo chill and okay with that. So, I guess my answer is yes and no. My ego wants to be remembered so badly, but the rest of me just wants to disappear from everyone’s memories. (This is such a Gemini answer FORGIVE ME!!!)

Do you think there is ever a point when we truly stop evolving? Is there a limit to how much we can change? Is it more important to have a flexible moral compass, or to be certain and unchanging in your beliefs?


Never!!!! Wow it’s so important to be a flexible hoe because once you stop changing, evolving and growing, you’re already dead. And what’s the point of staying alive if you’re just gonna be the same bitch???

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