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FAQ: Joyride's ReFlex Expansion Pack

FAQ: Joyride's ReFlex Expansion Pack

Performer, musician, DJ, and all round social maverick, Joyride has been making moves in the Australian hip hop and arts scene for the better part of a decade. Joyride has not only made a name for himself through his contributions to the Australian music scene, but also in his work raising awareness and funds to help end Australian youth homelessness, aid Indigenous groups, refugees and domestic violence victims. 

Now, the man himself is here to guide you through your critical conversations with his very own ReFlex The Game expansion pack. Have a read for our chat with Joyride to see how he uses ReFlex cards in his own life, what shaped his questions, and a sneak peek at some of what’s in store in the Joyride x ReFlex collaboration.

Do you think that the way you see yourself is the same way that others see you? Is it more important to be sure of who you think you are, if the way you are perceived is completely different?

I think you can get caught in a losing battle pretty quickly trying to figure out who you think you are, let alone how others may perceive you. Something I find to be more productive is focusing on who I'm trying to be. With that in mind, I guess I'm just a result of who my past self was trying to be... hmm.... Regardless, I hope people like my good bits as much as I do, and ignore my bad bits as much as I pretend to.

I think self-awareness is definitely more important than how you're perceived, although one informs the other, and neither are necessarily "right."

How have you used ReFlex in your own life? What made you want to get involved with your own question cards?

My housemates and I got around a ReFlex pack not too long ago and it was great. We've lived together for 4 years, but we learned a lot about each other that evening! As we were going around the table, I found myself wanting to ask similar questions, but I also didn't want to disrupt the intention of the cards, so I figured "why not write ‘em down for later?" And here we are. It's later!

How did you come up with your ReFlex questions? Are these questions that you’re constantly asking of others? 
A lot of them were the product of me thinking about what questions would maybe slip me up if I were asked them. Like, what would force me to reveal more than normal? To show weakness? To make me think, "geez I'm a dickhead?" But also make me consider how I interact with society, what I want from society and what I'm willing to give it. They're all definitely things I've thought about or riffed on with mates at some point. 

What is a ‘controversial’ question to you? Why?
"Who is your favourite ‘cancelled’ artist? Why?" There's obvious controversy in it, but I really love that whenever I've been in a conversation where it's come up, people will always find a way to justify separating art and artist, or justifying what their probbo fave did, or just saying that Michael Jackson was innocent. 

Why do you think people find it difficult to have critical conversations with others? Is it the people they surround themselves with, or is it a personal reluctance to dig deep?
It's probably a combination of thinking it isn’t cool and thinking you're not smart enough to have an opinion. I think it's cool and I've got a shitload of opinions though, so I'll critically riff whenever, you know.

What’s your favourite ReFlex question that you’ve written? 
Ooft.... Top 3 pls?

Would you rather the government be more or less involved in your life? Impossible to answer. Definitely more, but definitely not this government gotdam.

 Has the universe ever given you a sign? This makes me lol coz like, yea all the time BUT ALSO no, it's the universe and it doesn't deal out signs, you're just a speck of chaos, stop feeling yourself.

If we shifted to a 4 day working week, what day would you want to have off? Team Wednesday is growing, it just makes sense.

What do you think were the most defining moments in your life? Can you think of experiences that have shaped who you are, and did they shape you for the better?
Putting out my solo album is one that springs to mind. That process sent me into pretty bad depression. It was the shittest time of my life. I lost all motivation, was full of self-doubt and zero self-worth, but all that forced me to actively consider all aspects of my life and what was going to be best for me. I'm still WIPing my way to being better but fmd it was a hell of a fire to be lit.

Do you think it’s more important to be forgiving of the individuals in charge - such as government officials - or critical of them? Is there a danger in holding individuals accountable for the actions of an entire government? What does this say about our ability to process humanness in public figures?
The political class in Australia is intentionally exclusive and self-serving. We must be critical of it and individuals must be held to account. Yes, leaders are human. But humanness has many facets. Making mistakes is one, but exploiting positions of power is another. 

A question from your ReFlex collaboration asks, “name one thing you would change about the industry you work in.” What’s your answer to this?
I would make computers, the internet and creative software free. 

What’s something about the Australian arts scene that you never want to change?
The doofing community.

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