Is It Ethical To Own Pets?

by Grace Taotua

Hello world,

Flex here. Is it just me, or did January only go for a total of 5 days. It well and truly sped past and now we're in February and I've already got a smidge of anxiety about ~ not doing enough ~ ew.

January was plenty of things, but in particular, it was Veganuary, a 30-day challenge that asks participants to eat only plant-based foods in January.

Did I participate? Yes. And by yes, that means I ate a total of 5 different plant based meat alternatives. Sausage rolls, chicken nuggets etc. Not for the whole month, but an attempt was made. The point is, you know at Flex Factory, our whole goal is to facilitate conversations worth having and remembering. And a conversation I want to have more often than not, is the one about meat consumption. 

I think it's admirable that people have the willpower and empathy not to consume our furry friends, and I think it's fascinating that carnivores make distinctions between animals worth eating and animals too gross to consider.

Here's an interesting question for you to try and answer.

  • Consider your rationale for eating meat (or not).
  • How does this reflect your values?
  • How do you view other food habits?
  • Does someone's diet impact your perception of them?
  • Why do we own pets and not people?
  • Is it ethical to own pets?


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