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So happy!!

Best conversation ever!

I love how thoughtful and considerate each question is. My friends and I opened up to each other more than we ever have and we could literally talk about each question for hours. I love that some of the questions can be interpreted in different ways so you can have different conversations with different people from the same card! Seriously so good!


Pearl Hinton


Fab cards, not boring!

Fab, funky design. I whip them out when hanging with friends or online dating! I love the ethical based quetions!

Love the Trolli lollies and confetti included when I opened my package. (Bring back Deck 1 and Tanya Hennessy cards, plllleeease!) XX

These cards really make you think and are good ice breakers and an interesting game to play. It's awesome to hear what people think when you pick their brains! Brings people closer too and can also determine who you click with better, esp when dating. (Nothing wrong with that!) XX

Fun, not boring!

Love these cards. Lovely modern, colourful design. Have been whipping them out with friends, online dating. It's fun, gets people to think. Also good icebreaker and convo starter when things are a bit awkward or you're bored of asking the same old questions, i.e. so how many siblings do you have, what's your favourite colour, what did you get up to? Those questions are fine but these prompts really make you think. Just waiting for Deck 1 to come back in stock! Also have the Bobo cards.

The best conversation card game on the market

If you’re thinking about buying this game, this is your sign that you should
It has facilitated some of the best conversations I’ve ever had and I can’t thank flex enough for creating it

top quality product AND content

Top tier, expected nothing less

Love em!

I bought these for my relatively new partner and we love just reaching for them randomly to prompt a conversation about how we think / feel. It’s been super fun and I definitely recommend!

Big Brain Activity

Really great game to get yourself thinking, and then when you’re done thinking going back and analying the question and your answer. I feel my brain growing as I play!

So cute

Absolutely love these cards! Played with a group of 7 while drinking and everyone couldn’t stop saying next question even after 20+ mins of discussing the previous question


No more words needed.

Pretty and practical

The perfect plate to spice up whatever food/snack your having to make it all make sense

Juan Dueñas
Give your desk a glow up!!!

My desk was so boring and uninspired and I needed to spruce it up. BUY IT!!!

Snacks never looked this good

Thanks Flex Factory! Such great customer service over email (even when I put the wrong address!!) and my delivery came so quickly. Delighted with the quality of my plate! ThankU xoxo

Hands down best card game created

If if you want to explore the unconscious belief systems of your closest friends and challenge ideas that are seemingly simple, yet extremely complex - BUY THIS GAME.

Brilliant service

As much as I loved the product that I ordered Im a sucker for lollies so that was a fantastic bonus :D

Big success with the family

I really enjoyed playing this with my brothers and sister. We found it a fun way to entertain ourselves in lockdown

Taylor Maddocks

Honestly, what a fkn good time. I purchased about 5 different games as presents and they all arrived super quick!

Monica-Paula Zotti

V cute products. V cute packaging!

Best customer service !!

My package was shipped so fast with treaties and a handwritten note !!! Sooo cute and cannot wait to play w my besties


Love it!! Only thing I could note is that it’d be great if the cards came in a more solid box :)

A brilliant game

Played this game on a date once, so bought it for my friend for her birthday. It’s such a fun and brilliant way to pass time and get to know people.

Naomi Mentiplay
Colours up my house

What’s cooler than a funky, colourful coaster?

Olivia Moffatt

Love them sooooo much!! and such a fun mess to open <3