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Best 40th present ever

This was the perfect gift for someone who loves games and who has it all


LOVE. THEM. Bought two sets, will probably buy another. These coasters add serious flavour to my coffee table!

The best

Love the wallpapers so much! And they’re free?!! We love to see it❤️

Best game I never knew I needed

This has been the biggest hit with multiple groups of people! Keeps us occupied for hours with deep debate and laughing fits. I've convinced 4 people to purchase their own decks! Can't wait for more expansion packs to be released.

So fun! Great icebreaker!

Beautifully and aesthetically pleasing.

The packaging is as cute as always! Well protected, arrived super quickly and the product itself is STUNNING! Already received lots of complements ❤️ At a discounted price, this was a steal! WELL WORTH the purchase.

I love it

Such an interesting game and idea! Very thought provoking

No more boring small talk!

These cards will take your conversations to the next level. You'll delve deep into the meaning of life, death and everything in between. Great for one on one conversations, playing with friends or even strangers. Highly recommend!

Don’t hesitate just buy them

I can’t rate these cards highly enough, there are so many great conversations and laughs my friends and I have had!! 11/10 would purchase again

So much fun and critical thinking!

As an avid Reflex Cards fan, I bought the expansion packs because I couldn’t help myself. It’s cool to see/hear/enjoy the different tone of questions across the packs. You can pick the best pack depending on who you are playing it with for all the variety in critical thinking and analysis.

Made to give you lots of laughs

Took this to a drinking/hang out session with a bunch of friends, and it was an instant hit! So many of the cards we had to add on extra rules/limitations to really push our boundaries which made us all question each other's answers! The scenarios are actually ones you want to know the answer to.

Loved it 💖

Little gift for a friend having a time in VIC with iso. She’s been following flex for a while, so this made her day. The customer service is amazing ! Bless Aminah :)

Such fun!

These cards were the perfect gift. And they arrived super fast! My friend loved them, thank you Flex Factory!

Appreciate the complimentary candy

I haven’t played the game yet, but boyoboy was I glad to see some complimentary candy. It’s the little things. On this alone I can tell the game is going to be very thoughtful and exceed my expectations.


such cute packaging! games are amazing!!! such good questions, legiterallly obsessed

Love them!

Spent hours playing #1 with the guy I’ve been seeing and it was so much fun. Very interesting questions which led to deep conversations and getting to know each other on a new level. Can’t wait to whip out #2 :)

Love these cards!

Went to a meet up and these were used as prompts for what turned in to such a fun convo, so I immediately went home and bought some for myself. Perfect combo of fun and deep questions depending on what the vibe is! Great ice breaker for mates and dates. Love them!!

Everyone needs this game!

So much fun! Family-friendly! Great with friends! So many laughs! Love it!

So cool !

Really really cool games, I got all of them in a bundle and they are so fun to play with friends!!

Bundle: must have cards

Awesome packaging very personal and thoughtful, super fast delivery!
Great cards, very fun card games with friends!
Would definitely recommend these guys!!!

Absolutely Love

Such a great game! My friends and I had so much fun playing this game that I ended up gifting this game to two of my friends! I love how each person sees the question from a different perspective. 100% recommend!!

Best games ever!

I love these cards! I use them to interact with my followers on Instagram and it has helped me build a great connection with them as they will message me to tell me their reasonings which then turn into bookings for me! Worth every cent!

Love everything Flex Factory!!

Love it and will take it everywhere

It's fun and different and also a bit deep sometimes. Stop hesitating and get it now. My only regret is I didn't get more!