About Us

The only thing standing between you and the thing you want is a conversation. So let's get better at talking.

We are Flex Factory.

A woman-owned, Black-owned and Australian-made small business, founded in 2019 by two best friends/soulmates.

We believe that communication, connection and community is the key to a fulfilling life.

We create games and tools to empower people to have deep, meaningful and relationship-affirming conversations. Any time, any place, any where and with anyone.

Flex Factory, the company, was developed after we created our first product, ReFlex: The Conversation Card Game. ReFlex was conceptualised as an idea for FlexMami's merchandise, in 2017. She wanted something unique and also completely relevant to her brand.

Through building her platform via Instagram, she became known for facilitating deep, insightful and memorable conversations with her audience by using the Instagram Question function.

Her audience became obsessed and wanted to know how they could replicate conversations like this with their own friends. Fast forward a couple of months, and we decided to turn the questions she had published into a physical card game.

Grace and FlexMami spent the next few months selling the game through limited drops, packing orders on the couch and selling out within 24 hours every time. Long story short, one game became two, two games became three, and we decided we should create a legitimate store. Enter, Flex Factory.

As of 2021, we're an online store with 5 employees and products stocked in Sportsgirl, General Pants, Goop, Tibbs and Bones, Gertrude and Alice.

Our mission is to show people everywhere the power of intimacy and deep connection through conversations. Memorable, enlightening, empowering, exciting and game changing conversations.